Living witnesses & experiences after the 2014 NCRC
May 23-25, 2014 - SCCC

Kevin - " Ultimate" - Praying over / baptism of the Holy Spirit - I just let myself be consumed by the Spirit, I felt so at peace.

Ralph - "Humbling" - a reminder of being a fool for God, especially when working with the children, reminded me to be humble.

Natalie - "Insightful" - I was connected with the speakers & witnessed their insights to how they came into their faith.

Dean - "Strengthening" - everyone had struggles, but God gave us the strength and the message to each & everyone of us to be strong.

Nathalie - "Eye-opening" - the speakers were able to keep the teen's attention and how well they connected with their audience.

Mario - "Amazing" - watching so many first time attendees -enjoying & praising The Lord is a sight to behold. Unity among different servant-minister working together as one body of Christ.

Submitted Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Mario and Tessie,

Thank you for the kindnesses shown to me during the Convention weekend and for the celebration in your room after the opening Mass. I was deeply touched. I am truly blest with this new friendship as I have been blest by so many other dear family and friends some of whom I have copied in this e-mail. I will never forget how good the Lord has been to me through all of you and if I could copy this e-mail to Pat, Nancy, Chuck, Doug and Bill I would do so also. I guess that is not necessary because they already know what I am writing to you. I am starting to tear up. I will never forget God's goodness shown through these dear brother's and sisters who are now enjoying the glories of Heaven along with my Dad, my Grandparents and other family and friends who were all so very good to me. I look forward to the day when we will all be reunited in the Lord's Heavenly Kingdom and rest in the arms of the our dear Savior, His Father, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary and all the angels and saints. It truly will be a wonderful time.

Mario, I also want to thank you in being obedient to the Spirit's prompting in asking me to do the Offertory talk for yesterday morning's Mass. The Lord has called me out of my comfort zone and has been stretching me but I never even thought about this assignment. It did give me an opportunity to express what I believe the Holy Spirit wanted said to those who gathered this morning. A message he formulated in my mind by waking me up at 3 am and communicating to me what He wanted said. It was a powerful experience and so overwhelming I again began to cry. The scriptures He gave me were awesome as were the confirming scriptures he gave me through Kathy Macklin. God is indeed good......all the time, and He never forgets us! He does desire obedience to His Will no matter how unconventional His Will may seem. I know that the talk which was given was somewhat radical in the realm of raising money, but the Holy Spirit showed me it was more about obedience, listening to His promptings and trusting in Him and I knew that I too needed to be obedient in expressing this message and also to re-evaluate my own giving. He wanted the people gathered to pray about what they were to give and listen for the Holy Spirit's promptings whatever those promptings may be, even if they were unexpected and not to worry about what their neighbor would think and definitely not to "knee jerk" give like I was planning to do (I now also need to pray about my own giving in my parish at St. Stanislaus).

The Lord will always bless our obedience and provide for all of our needs both for the Convention ministry and also for are own parishes. God has plenty of resources. We just need to trust in Him, it is that simple and sometimes it is the hardest thing for us to do. As Father Crotty reminded us that we are to come as little children, then and only then can God be God in all of our lives. I know from recent experiences that it is so freeing to let God be in control. The burden and cares of this world then become the Lord's to carry and He loves to carry our cares and burdens. We no longer have any need to worry about trying to do it by ourselves. We now do what we have to do with God's help and with His guidance. The Lord taught me that through my dear brother Pat Mullins many years ago, now it is being reconfirmed. Then the evil one's hold on us, in all areas of our lives, is broken by our trusting in the Lord as like a little child. The financial cares are then His to take care of through our obedience. We just need to communicate this message and listen to it ourselves. The Lord will not let us down. If He can feed the multitudes with a little bit of fish and bread what do you think He can do for all of us! I believe the Lord is saying: trust in me, be expectant, for you will truly see my signs and wonders and my power and might in the midst of my people.

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and Tessie and your family and your community in San Francisco. Praise God!